New levels of performance for your materials and further productivity on your production processes and operations can be reached by using this versatile and multifunctional filler which base its strength in its diversity of use for many Industries and technologies.

When adding Frilitespheres® we achieve more efficient ways to drill the oil and insulate deep water pipelines, introduce light-weight properties to materials used in the transport industry without compromising safety and strength and adding the benefit of using less fuel while increasing travelling speed.

When used in Paints and Coatings we add heat insulation properties that helps us to adapt the temperatures of the weather as well as structural strength and resistance to corrosion. Aesthetic, functional and lighter building structures that meet the highest demands in engineering and architecture can be achieved by using Frilitespheres®.

They can be described as multifunctional fillers and integrate well in resins and binders such as thermoplastics and thermosetting, can be used as a structural lightweight filler and weight reducer without sacrificing structural strength and usually enhancing the properties of the materials where are they are incorporated.

We are pleased to offer pure and ecological and 100% mineral hollow spheres, unique first class natural material in a way of free-flowing powders that are composed of hard shelled hollow spheres also scientifically known as Cenospheres which are formed as a by-product from coal-fired power stations.