Frilitespheres® is your hollow spheres specialist, we supply all the different color grades and particular size that your application may require.

Our professional competence goes from harvesting of the raw material and processing it up to the highest quality control standards in the Industry; our primary resources originate at a handful of thermal power stations that use primary local coal source that guaranty our high quality raw material that we processing it with -state of the art- technology this allow us to supply stable consistent quality materials to our customers for the long term.

Our companies use quality management systems based upon ISO9001:2008 international standard and we use the services of the Word’s most acknowledged inspection and verification services like SGS o Bureau Veritas.

Our team is composed of professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience in mineral processing, coal combustion by-product, high technology processes and strict quality control.

We are committed to reliable sourcing, processing, testing and marketing of consistent quality, focusing our efforts in the supply of the best environmental and sustainable material. We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver consistent quality supply and personalized customer service

We are helping a wide range of industrial sectors to solve challenges by supplying our natural mineral, Frilitespheres® and supporting our customers to develop sustainable solutions for reaching new levels of performance and productivity in a number of product applications.