Frilitespheres® offer a wide spectrum of ADVANTAGES for extensive industrial applications because of the great enhancement and improvement of the properties in the materials or substances where are added.

They reduce friction, add smoothness, reduce density, prevent viscosity,  lower weight but keep structural strength and stability even in the most extreme processes, have great refractoriness, increase insulation properties and add fire resistance properties to any material where are used : construction materials, building products, resins, plastics, ceramics, painting and coatings, intermediate products as well as final products like flooring, stone veneers and cladding, artificial wood beams and even in highly sophisticated fabrics.

Frilitespheres® reduce processing time in production and in certain cases also reduce the number of processes needed, their strength allows them to resist even the most extreme industrial processes and temperatures. They resist corrosion and can be incorporated to any substance without changing their inner properties.

  • Reduce weight and density.
  • Increase Thermal insulation
  • Lower cycle times
  • Solar reflectivity
  • High dimensional stability
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Improves processing and production
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduce cost in production
  • 100% Mineral material

Frilitespheres® is a versatile filler that provide a number of unique performance and processing advantages, because of their chemical inertia can be mixed with any substance or material without changing its properties, their low density (even lighter than water), high melting temperature, spherical shape, mechanical strength, insulating properties and low porosity make that.