Frilitespheres® can be used and be added in a wide range of industrial APPLICATIONS, they are the ideal multifunctional filler for reinforcing materials or imparting properties of resistance to corrosion, thermal and sound insulation, lightweight, low density and dimensional stability in whatever is the application where is required.

Frilitespheres® are used as additives in WELL CEMENTING and water or oil based DRILLING FLUIDS, they increase lubricity when pumped into an oil well during drilling, bring thermal stability, make them water resistant and chemical stable, add high tolerance to contaminants, increase the sealant properties to work on porous rocks layers, reducing fluid lost circulation.

Frilitespheres® is an ideal aggregate for the REFRACTORY industry, because their stable chemical and physical properties at high temperatures make them applicable for structures, or as components of systems, that are exposed to environments above 1500°.

Adding Lightweight properties into the transport industry: AUTOMOTIVE, AEROSPACE and NAUTICA have brought great innovation and a new benchmark of productivity. Reducing the weight in a vehicle have a direct impact by automatically lowering its fuel consumption and hence its COemissions.

Frilitespheres® is an ideal mineral and multifunctional filler for PAINTINGS AND COATINGS formulations because not only reduce the cost of paint but positively modifies some physical paint properties. Paintings and coatings that include Frilitespheres® in their binders are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, ultra violet light, ozone decay, wind, rain, snow, hail, sand abrasion and corrosion when applied on steel or other metal structures.

Frilitespheres® in the manufacture of PLASTICS AND POLYMERS, THERMOPLASTICS AND THERMOSETTING PLASTICS improve dimensional stability and mold ability while reducing cycle time because there is less mass to cool.

They increase the plastic’s heat-deflection temperature, lower thermal expansion, lower the consumption of more expensive binder material (resins) generally…

Frilitespheres® is an excellent additive for fillers in LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE and CEMENT ADDITIVES because they are inert, light, hard, rigid, waterproof and insulative. These properties make them to produce low-density, ultra-ligtht and aerated concrete, as well as, any high performance mortar repair system from epoxy, cementious or modified polymers where there are fully compatible.

Frilitespheres® are premium volumetric filler and production enhancer for CEMENT ADDITIVES and other CONSTRUCTION QUEMICAL PRODUCTS  even the ones that exigent the most demanding requirements because their chemical resistance.

They are excellent to combine with lime, cement and other binders, because of their high compressive strength and other inner properties they optimize and upgrade the mechanical and physical properties.

Frilitespheres® provide excellent results, quality consistency and optimal processing with modern molding techniques and formulations for STONE VENEER & WALL CLADDING, artificial stone and ceramic for wall and floor coverings with natural decorative looks and better properties as light weight and higher structural strength which helps to ease installation and to reduce breakage and transport cost.